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Five Valleys Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Five Valleys Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Welcome to Five Valleys Canine Hydrotherapy Centre


The Five Valleys Canine Hydrotherapy Centre is owned and run by registered canine hydrotherapist Vicky Moore. It is conveniently located in Miserden, Gloucestershire and within easy reach of the areas of Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud. The centre hosts a large heated pool, filtered and sanitised to human standards for a safe and clean environment, and is fitted with anti-swim jets for controlled exercise and work rates.


There is ample parking and easy access, and being in an area of outstanding beauty within the Cotswolds, there are also plenty of great dog walks in the near vicinity.


We offer a range of treatment programmes to meet each dog’s individual needs including:


  • Rehabilitation programmes for the treatment and management of arthritis or following uncomplicated orthopaedic surgery/limb injury
  • Seniors 'Fitness and Flexibility' programmes designed to maintain mobility and fitness
  • Fitness and stamina programmes to build up agility and fitness for competition or working dogs
  • Obesity programmes to assist weight loss, in conjunction with a diet approved by the dog’s vet
  • Recreational programmes just for fun!


The initial consultation is approximately one hour long, during which we will familiarise your dog with the environment and equipment in the hydrotherapy pool room. Together with the information received from the dog’s vet, a general assessment will be made of your dog’s requirements. An individual treatment programme will then be developed to suit you, and more importantly your dog.


All clients will need a vets referral form signed by your veterinary surgeon. Please give me a call to discuss this, your dogs condition, treatment and any other questions. Vet referral forms can be downloaded on this page in the column to the right, and then taken to your vets for signing or I can help in this process by emailing forms directly.


Being a registered canine hydrotherapist, the majority of pet insurance providers will cover a course in hydrotherapy. Please check with your provider or give me a call to discuss.


All dogs must have veterinary approval before they will be allowed to swim


Tuesday – Saturday

Please call for times

Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy:

• Hip Dysplasia

• Spinal Injuries and paralysis

• Osteochrondritis Dissecans (OCD)

• Cruciate ligament problems

• Post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance

• Sprains and Breaks

• Obesity and weight control



Benefits Include:

• Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness

• Muscle strengthening and maintenance

• Alleviating muscle spasm

• Increased range of motion in joints

• Improved circulation

• Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)

• Increased tissue healing

• Increased speed of recovery

Five Valleys Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, Henley Farm, Miserden, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 7HZ.

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